Luca's room

I am a PhD student in Computer Graphics at Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland.

In this website, still in progress, I publish some info about my research as well as extra stuff that I do or I like, e.g. gaming prototypes, music, teaching, sport...

This website is intended as a half way between a personal page and a blog. Other than content on computer science, it is going to contain flashes of various topics such as reflections on every day habits, analysis of song lyrics or the bond between science and art.


I work in the Perception, Display and Fabrication group led by Prof. Piotr Didyk. My PhD is supported by ERC Starting Grant, PERDY project. My current studies focus on investigating the perception of Human Visual System (HVS) in the peripheral vision, to optimize the graphics content for wide-field-of-view displays. Particularly, I work on gaze-contingency algorithms and foveated rendering. Before coming in Switzerland, I worked in robotics and obtained a MSc from University of Calabria (Italy) with a thesis focusing on emotion recognition (University of Plymouth, UK).



  • FS 2019/2020 - FS 2022/2023: Computer Graphics
  • SS 2019/2020, SS 2021/2022: Computational Fabrication
  • SS 2020/2021: Algorithms & Data Structures